Marie-Odette Charbonneau, vice-president


Marie-Odette Charbonneau, vice-president

equipe10Marie-Odette was born and raised in the Vendée region of France. At a very young age she had a passion for the province of Quebec. This has been her home for the last 20 years. As a businesswoman, she joined the Groupe Première Moisson in 1998 and set up three high-performing pastry bakeries with other associates.

Marie-Odette is passionate about every form of art. For example, she was an active member of the Festival Transamériques and member of the Board of the Quebec International Duo-Piano Festival’s and of the Van Grimde Corps Secrets, a contemporary dance company.

Ms. Charbonneau is known for her huge generosity and natural compassion. Although she is quite busy, she never declines an offer to help a friend, welcome a visitor to her home or to get involved in a charitable event. She always finds time!

Ms. Charbonneau is the vice-president and a member of the Board of Directors of Give a Hand.