Vidya – Pappankalan, India


Vidya – Pappankalan, India

The organization


Vidya is an organization based in New Delhi, India which strive to educate the less privileged through integrated methods. The organization helps youth, women and children with educational and empowering programs.
Vidya is present in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bangalore and has been supporting development of communities for over 30 years.

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The project : « The Lotus Club »

This project relates to the on-going extra curriculum activities of the Lotus Club in the community of Pappankalan where it was initiated years ago, for the benefit of the children of this low-income community.  The classes range from yoga instruction to photography to dance and music and will draw upon the talents and skills of selected teachers in each discipline.  The program shall provide for material purchase related to dance, music and of arts and crafts classes which are all part of this program. The Lotus Club will provide activities aiming at developing specific skills like self-esteem, identity development, conflict resolution, teamwork, decision-making, and communication through painting, drawing, music, and other relevant art projects.


Cost: $ 3,900
Duration: 1 year