Tiffin Community – New Delhi, India


Tiffin Community – New Delhi, India

The organization


Tiffin Community is an Indian based non-governmental organization that teaches disadvantaged young women living in urban slums of Delhi, India how to be better cook while putting emphasis on better nutrition.
With a curriculum created by Chef Laura Gildemeester, Tiffin Community provides the opportunity for the women to better understand the relation between the food they buy, how they prepare it and the impact it has on their families’ general health.

Tiffin community wishes to provide a training space where recipes, ideas and cooking skills are shared with the support of professional chefs.

This program has been on-going since 2013 in partnership with Give a Hand.
To learn more about Tiffin community please visit their website: tiffincommunity.com



The project: «Healthy cooking and nutrition »


Nutrition starts in the kitchen and it starts with food. That is why Tiffin Community has created with the support of chefs a program that offers to women of low income communities the opportunity to discover new recipes and information relative to healthy cooking.

For a fourth year, Tiffin community is offering its program and wishes to access more groups of women from communities in Delhi. Through the workshops curriculum the women learn to cook a wider variety of dishes, this with local and seasonal products.

They also learn to share their recipes, dishes and learn to work jointly while offering healthier food to their families.

This project proposal will offer the support to the running of these nutrition workshops where the program is offered, publish the 2017 recipe book of Tiffin Community for the participants and help provide to more women nutrition camps in the communities of Okhla and Pappankalan, two large low income communities of New Delhi.

Cost: $ to be determined
Duration:  1 year