Performing Life – Cochabamba, Bolivia


Performing Life – Cochabamba, Bolivia

The organisation

Performing Life is a non-profit organization that provides for youths living on the streets of Cochabamba in Bolivia an opportunity to participate in activities linked to circus arts, visual art and school support while helping them address specific problems linked to delinquency, drug addiction or prostitution.

The apprenticeship of circus arts gives them opportunities to do shows in and around the city while bringing in money to support themselves and members of their families. Since the creation of Performing Life, more than 3,000 children and family members have better living conditions and most of these children have now better access to education.
Bolivia has more than 10 million inhabitants but it’s more than 900,000 children that live and work on the streets of major cities. Education, a healthy diet, a secure house and projects linked to microenterprises are crucial elements to bring people out of the cycle of poverty. This is exactly what Performing Life does for these thousands of children and their families.

The project : «Musica para todos»

The program «Musica para todos» that Performing Life has been conducting under the leadership of Pablo Gonzales Jimeno, with the support of Give a Hand has been providing for street and low-income community children of Caviloma, Quillacollo and Cochabamba a very innovative program.

In its third year the project serves to promote a safe and healthy development through the practice of music.

Through a series of workshops with professional artists from around the world the teenagers have access to rhythm class, writing and construction of songs and learning of an instrument.

Several initiatives such as song writing, recording and providing performances for promotional purposes are also part of this program.

Musica para todos is a great initiative and Give a Hand is proud to be part of it.