Edirisa UK


Edirisa UK

The organization

Edirisa UK was started in 2005 by Sheila Windridge from the UK, to help, support and empower
women of the Kabale district close to Lake Bunyonyi, in Uganda. The mission of this organization
with whom Give a Hand has partnered several times in the past, is to better communities regarding
their access to economic development, education, fresh water access, and health programs to
support mothers and children.
In 2011, Edirisa UK move forward with a new skills development program for women related to
sewing, knitting and embroidery of craft products. These products are now sold in several shops in
the capital Kampala and also certain resorts for tourists.
This program that Give a Hand has supported in the past is constantly expanding and we are proud
again to join forces with Edirisa for the development of more classes, products and training for the
women of this region.
Visit, http://www.edirisa.org.uk/Home.html

The project:
«Sewing for profit »

To insure the development of the crafts program initiated some years ago, by Edirisa UK, Give a
Hand who initially supported this program would like to participate in the expansion of this program.
Edirisa has recently made a proposal to Give a Hand for supporting new groups of women in
communities in and around Kabale.
These new groups will also require new sewing machines, new raw material (fabrics and other
sewing material) and of course new training programs.
The expansion should provide skills development and income generating opportunities for the
For Edirisa UK, this is an opportunity to reach out and provide training to more women’s group from
the Kabale district.