Creamos Futuros


Creamos Futuros

The organization

Creamos Futuros was born in 2008 as a social entrepreneurship program under a parent organization name: Safe Passage. Through the recognition of the severe economic challenges women faced in Guatemala especially in a target community of the Guatemala City dumpsite, the project was born. In 2014, Creamos became an accredited organization registered in Guatemala with the mission to provide income, emotional and educational opportunities for the women participating in the program.

The holistic services aimed at tackling the complex obstacles the women encountered in their community this through a four-leveled approach. An income generating program, a psychological and supportive program, a financial literacy program and an emotional supportive group for over 130 women. The hope of the Creamos organisation, is to focus on these human needs and for this their mantra: I can, we will, is totally in sync with their vision.

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The project

With the support of Give a Hand, Creamos Futuros wishes to purchase a screen-printing machine, provide training for six weeks to all participants and initiate the production of school uniforms.

The skills development that will be acquired by the participants within this program will help to initiate the order of graphic printed products, upscale their financial autonomy for the women while also diversifying their skills.

This project will also serve to support the work of the local partner organisation: Safe Passage who provides access to school to hundred of children of low income communities.