The Organization

Through its contacts, its meetings and its interventions, Give a Hand is often confronted with extraordinary, touching or urgent situations. Often a small investment, which might seem unimportant, can change the course of things. That’s why we created this fund that allows us to intervene quickly. Thanks to the Seeds of Joy fund, a child will finally be able to get the surgery he needs, a woman will benefit from the funds that will allow her to start the business she has always dreamed of, a teenager who wishes to pursue his/her education will be able to buy the books he/she could not otherwise afford, or a family can finally redo its roof that leaks before the monsoon season. This fund will be supported by your contributions as modest or as generous as they are.

The Seeds of Joy fund is for all this and more … Do not hesitate, let your heart speak and send your donation to the Seeds of Joy fund.