The Organization

Through its daily work, the Give a Hand team will come across opportunities to sow “Seeds of Joy” in someone’s life. Though a small investment may seem insignificant, it can change things a great deal in the life of one person in needs.

This is why we want to create this fund that will allow us to quickly intervene. With the help of the “Seeds of Joy” Funds, a child will finally receive the surgery he/she needs, a woman will be able to benefit from funds that will help her launch the business of her dreams, a teenager wishing to improve his/her education may buy books that he/she could otherwise not afford or a family will eventually be able to rebuild her leaking roof before monsoon season.
“Seeds of joy” are these and so much more…
Seeds of joy are these and much more…

Therefore, follow your heart, do not hesitate to give. Make a donation to the “Seeds of Joy” Funds. You can see how this funds is being invested by visiting our website on a regular basis.



Cost: Project costs vary between $100 and $2,000 but for those receiving the support of Give a Hand this will be worth millions.

Length: Unlimited. Contribute when you can and as often as you like.

Projects Funded: