Current Projects

The Give a Hand team is pleased to present the projects it has selected with great care for 2017-2018. Have a look through the projects. Let yourself be taken by the passion of those that have created and nurtured these organisations.


The organization

Vidya is an organization based in New Delhi, India which strives to educate the less privileged through integrated methods. The organization helps youth, women and children with educational and empowering programs. This organization was founded by Mrs. Rasmi Misra, and started initially from a few classes she gave to a bunch of little street girls on the doorstep of her house in New Delhi. To this day, Mrs. Misra is still the director of the organization and through her dedicated work and her passion Vidya has thrived to become the organization it is today.  

Vidya is conducting programs in New Delhi, Haryana, Mumbai and Bangalore and has been supporting development of communities for over 30 years.

To learn more about Vidya visit the website:


The project
The Lotus Club project was started by the director-founder of Monde par la main\Give a Hand, Mr. Daniel Lalande. Since 2007, Daniel has been working as a volunteer for Vidya and especially with the Pappankalan community.  After initially creating a sewing and skills development program for the ladies of the community, he realized that mothers always attended classes with their children. It’s for that reason that the Lotus Club program was designed for the kids. In this low-income community parents do not have the means to provide access to art, dance, music or sports classes.
Since its inception, the Lotus Club was a real success and the program now provides yoga to photography to dance and music classes and will draw upon the talents and skills of selected teachers in each discipline. The activities are also aiming at developing specific skills such as self-esteem, identity development, conflict resolution, teamwork, decision-making, and communication skills.  
Since its beginning, hundreds of children of that community have participated in the Lotus Club program. We have been able to establish that the children are doing better at school and a lower dropout rate.
We would like very much in the near future to offer a similar program to the children of the Okhla community in New Delhi, where Give a Hand conducted its 2016 project Shanti Arts in Action.

I would like to take this opportunity to say, on behalf of all the Pappankalan children and on behalf of the Give a Hand team, an enormous thank you to Design Zola for its partnership and support for this project.

To learn more about Vidya, you can visit its website:

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Creamos Futuros

The organization

Creamos Futuros was born in 2008 as a social entrepreneurship program under a parent organization name: Safe Passage. Through the recognition of the severe economic challenges women faced in Guatemala especially in a target community of the Guatemala City dumpsite, the project was born. In 2014, Creamos became an accredited organization registered in Guatemala with the mission to provide income, emotional and educational opportunities for the women participating in the program.

The holistic services aimed at tackling the complex obstacles the women encountered in their community this through a four-leveled approach. An income generating program, a psychological and supportive program, a financial literacy program and an emotional supportive group for over 130 women. The hope of the Creamos organisation, is to focus on these human needs and for this their mantra: I can, we will, is totally in sync with their vision.

To learn more about Creamos visit the website:

The project

With the support of Give a Hand, Creamos Futuros wishes to purchase a screen-printing machine, provide training for six weeks to all participants and initiate the production of school uniforms.

The skills development that will be acquired by the participants within this program will help to initiate the order of graphic printed products, upscale their financial autonomy for the women while also diversifying their skills.

This project will also serve to support the work of the local partner organisation: Safe Passage who provides access to school to hundred of children of low income communities.

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Performing Life – Cochabamba, Bolivia

The organisation

Performing Life is a non-profit organization that provides for youths living on the streets of Cochabamba in Bolivia an opportunity to participate in activities linked to circus arts, visual art and school support while helping them address specific problems linked to delinquency, drug addiction or prostitution.

The apprenticeship of circus arts gives them opportunities to do shows in and around the city while bringing in money to support themselves and members of their families. Since the creation of Performing Life, more than 3,000 children and family members have better living conditions and most of these children have now better access to education.
Bolivia has more than 10 million inhabitants but it’s more than 900,000 children that live and work on the streets of major cities. Education, a healthy diet, a secure house and projects linked to microenterprises are crucial elements to bring people out of the cycle of poverty. This is exactly what Performing Life does for these thousands of children and their families.

The project : «Musica para todos»

The program «Musica para todos» that Performing Life has been conducting under the leadership of Pablo Gonzales Jimeno, with the support of Give a Hand has been providing for street and low-income community children of Caviloma, Quillacollo and Cochabamba a very innovative program.

In its third year the project serves to promote a safe and healthy development through the practice of music.

Through a series of workshops with professional artists from around the world the teenagers have access to rhythm class, writing and construction of songs and learning of an instrument.

Several initiatives such as song writing, recording and providing performances for promotional purposes are also part of this program.

Musica para todos is a great initiative and Give a Hand is proud to be part of it.

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Edirisa UK

The organization

Edirisa UK was started in 2005 by Sheila Windridge from the UK, to help, support and empower
women of the Kabale district close to Lake Bunyonyi, in Uganda. The mission of this organization
with whom Give a Hand has partnered several times in the past, is to better communities regarding
their access to economic development, education, fresh water access, and health programs to
support mothers and children.
In 2011, Edirisa UK move forward with a new skills development program for women related to
sewing, knitting and embroidery of craft products. These products are now sold in several shops in
the capital Kampala and also certain resorts for tourists.
This program that Give a Hand has supported in the past is constantly expanding and we are proud
again to join forces with Edirisa for the development of more classes, products and training for the
women of this region.

The project:
«Sewing for profit »

To insure the development of the crafts program initiated some years ago, by Edirisa UK, Give a
Hand who initially supported this program would like to participate in the expansion of this program.
Edirisa has recently made a proposal to Give a Hand for supporting new groups of women in
communities in and around Kabale.
These new groups will also require new sewing machines, new raw material (fabrics and other
sewing material) and of course new training programs.
The expansion should provide skills development and income generating opportunities for the
For Edirisa UK, this is an opportunity to reach out and provide training to more women’s group from
the Kabale district.

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